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Your home, deck or verandah is unique, and the furniture you have should be designed to fit it exactly. Don’t settle for something the same as everyone else – instead, choose custom made furniture for your home.

Finigan Wright Fabrication creates furniture pieces from painted steel or aluminium and your choice of timber, glass or steel top to create unique pieces, ideally suited to outdoor use, your home or man-cave.

All of our furniture is absolutely custom-made for your home, no matter where in the Southern Highlands or South Coast of New South Wales you live. Please get in touch so we can provide you with a general quote by clicking the button in the menu bar or visit our store for off the shelf pieces.


We can paint any furniture piece for you in the complete range of Dulux colours to suit your home or style and you can choose from a range of stains, paints and varnishes for any timber work, to create furniture that is completely unique to you.

Finigan Wright Fabrication would love to offer you a FREE general quote based the different pieces you’re looking for, work with you to make sure it comes up exactly the way you want and once it’s complete we will deliver and install for you, ready to go for the weekend. 

We service all of the Southern Highlands, South Coast and Campbelltown region. We are happy to ship if you’re living further afield in Sydney or New South Wales, so please get in touch to see how we can help you add sturdy, bespoke furniture to your home.

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