Protect your plants from the cold instantly.

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With the cold nights and big frosts we get here in the Southern Highlands, having a good greenhouse is a must to let you establish seedlings and extend the length of your growing season. 

Finigan Wright Fabrication creates custom-built greenhouses designed to keep your seeds, seedlings and plants safe from the weather.

All of our enclosures are absolutely custom-made for your home, no matter where in the Southern Highlands or South Coast of New South Wales you live. Please get in touch so we can provide you with a general quote by clicking the button in the menu bar.

No more cold-checking your seedlings, or losing your crop to the last few frosts of the year. Instead, keep your seeds and seedlings toasty warm in your own greenhouse!

Our custom-built greenhouses are made from strong steel, and we use the same plastic over the entire structure that commercial greenhouses use to ensure that it will stand the test of time. We can even paint your steel structure using a wide range of Dulux Colours to ensure that it looks spectacular at your place.

Finigan Wright Fabrication would love to offer you a FREE general quote based on the size of your greenhouse, the number of entrances and your custom specifications.

We will come to you for a measure and exact quote and specification of your custom-built greenhouse. We service all of the Southern Highlands, South Coast and Campbelltown region. We are happy to travel if you’re living further afield in Sydney or New South Wales, so please get in touch to see how we can help you have a strong, warm and secure greenhouse at your place.

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