Finigan-Wright Fabrication

I’m David. I started Finigan-Wright Fabrication because I saw there was a need within the Southern Highlands and South Coast for steel fabrication at the right price, with great service.

Finigan-Wright Fabrication started out making large garden and orchard enclosures for the incredible gardeners of the Southern Highlands and have evolved to create a number of ready-made fabricated steel products, reacting directly to demand. We continue to make great custom-made steel items, from archeological sieves to art pieces, mobile garden beds to cattle yards and everything in between.

I have years of experience in Engineering and Industrial Design as well as steel fabrication across a number of industries. I understand the workings of small volume manufacture and strength of good design. Couple that with practical, hands-on ability I can make whatever you can imagine from steel.

In my spare time, I’m a sports-mad bloke enjoying the simple life in Robertson NSW. I’m an active member of the Robertson Rovers Soccer Club and play for the Wollongong Mustangs Gridiron Team.

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